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Blue Sky Broadcast

Blue Sky Broadcast specializes in helping associations and corporations manage and extend their spoken word educational and training content. Clients can leverage the cost of their live marketing meetings, training sessions and educational presentations with Blue Sky Broadcast's state-of-the-art multimedia solutions.

Blue Sky's customized presentation console and state-of-the-art delivery methods ensure that sessions are available on demand and delivered online or via CD-ROM. All session elements - live speaker, visuals such as graphs, charts, PowerPoint® slides, including those with AVI files, and additional handouts, documents and supporting
links- are fully integrated for maximum effect and understanding.

Blue Sky Broadcast's delivery methods can include online testing, tracking, pay per-view and certification options.

For more information, please visit their web site -

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cplogo.jpg (19548 bytes) Cross Point Industries, Inc.

Cross Point Industries, Inc is a California Corporation that develops and markets innovative electronic products designed to alert and automate homes and business. Cross Point Industries' flagship product is Voice Alert, a patented product designed to provide remote monitoring of controlled zones. This product employs wireless technology and has the unique feature of user recordable voice messaging for zone identification.

Voice Alert has been on the market since 1998 and has been used in business as a perimeter control for construction sites, loading dock notification, retail loss prevention, customer announcer, exit control and warehouse security. Home uses include child safety around swimming pools, stairways and driveways, announcing visitors, warning of intruders, protection of garages, tools, equipment and automobiles. Other uses include security for motor homes, private aircraft, horse barns and livestock.

Cross Point Industries' products are inexpensive, ingenious, easy to use and have a broad market appeal domestically and internationally. Typical distribution channels include specialty catalogs, retail stores, trade and Internet distributors.

Cross Point Industries is a virtual corporation that outsources and manages its non-core functions such as manufacturing and distribution. The company focuses its resources on its core competencies of product development, creative marketing, customer support and cash management.

For more information, please visit their web site -

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Sunrise Art.gif (17134 bytes) The Emergency Email Network

The Emergency Email Network provides both pro- bono and fee based critical messaging services to government emergency management agencies and institutions within emergency services industry.

The company also provides emergency citizen notification services to every county in the United States and as such has become "the public messaging infrastructure" of choice for, and endorsed and utilized by many of the country's municipalities

The company owns certain risk based messaging intellectual property and systems for the use of electronic messaging in the emergency notification, property, casualty and risk marketplaces for claims mitigation, liability limitation and risk management.

The company, a public private partnership, is a Florida corporation, formed in 1999, with operations in Washington, DC, Denver, CO and Jacksonville, FL.

For more information, please visit their web site –

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Pelotonics Logo Pelotonics

If you are constantly chasing information and managing your projects from one fire drill to another, you need Pelotonics. Using Pelotonics to manage your project information can save as much as 20% of your team's time! Pelotonics cuts through project clutter and allows you to deal with only those things that are truly important. Pelotonics provides your team with a trusted system to securely manage communications, organize files, and assign and track deliverables. You can get more information or sign up for a free trial of Pelotonics from the website at!                         

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pepperballlogo PepperBall Technologies, Inc

 PepperBall Technologies ("the Company") is a leading manufacturer and distributor of non-lethal and less-lethal weapons for use by law enforcement, correctional, military and private security officers. The Company currently uses a full line of system launchers to launch frangible plastic balls containing pepper powder (PAVA) with active ingredients similar to pepper spray. PepperBall's technology employs a proven, patented method of deploying a powder form of pepper spray at a distance with a frangible plastic projectile, temporarily disabling the perpetrator and allowing peace officers the ability to subdue the subject without inflicting any permanent injury. Since its inception in 1999, the Company has sold over 24,000 launchers and 23 million projectiles to over 5,100 law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions (prisons), security companies, and the military.

The Company also manufactures various handheld products for consumers. The Company believes there is a significant opportunity to sell its handheld products to homeowners, as well as owners of recreational vehicles, who want a non-lethal means of defense. These products are currently available for sale through the Company's website, other personal security related websites, and with various retailers including Sport's Authority and Dunham's. The Company currently uses Tippmann Sports LLC as its main retail distributor. Tippmann Sports, with revenues of over $50M, sells paintball equipment through a large retail distribution channel including big box stores.

For more information on PepperBall Technologies, Inc., visit       

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Reaction Design, Inc.

Reaction Design, Inc. provides software simulation and modeling tools to help process engineers create more efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

The founders recognized that no good commercial simulation software existed to bridge the gap between laboratory-based chemical synthesis and the design and optimization by process engineers of plant scale systems to produce the same product. Reaction Design is committed to the ongoing development of a comprehensive and easy-to-use set of software simulation tools that incorporate both chemical reaction and transport models. Reaction Design engineers also consult with companies to provide software-based solutions to the customer's specific chemical process problems. This helps industrial customers develop better products faster, with greater yield, higher quality and at a lower cost, with minimized impact on the environment.

In 1997, Sandia National Laboratories selected Reaction Design as the exclusive worldwide licensee for its CHEMKIN Collection, developed to aid in the design of processes that utilize chemical reactions. Reaction Design markets, supports, enhances and expands this set of software modeling tools to hundreds of industrial and academic users worldwide.

For more information, please visit their web site –

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SportsBuy (formerly NAXCOM) is the world's largest dedicated exchange for sports collectibles with several million transactions generated by over 200,000 register users. Our thousands of sellers offer a combined 10 million plus sports trading cards, sports memorabilia and other sports collectibles via both fixed pricing and auctions. We offer buyers and sellers many unique advantages including the world's largest selection of sports collectibles, buyer/seller protection guarantees, no listing fees, and many more. (Click here for a detailed explanation of benefits).

We started in the early 90s organizing some of the largest sports collectible shows in the country. In 2002, we introduced an easy-to- use online marketplace. In 2006, we acquired from The Topps Company. allows individuals the option to buy and sell the rookie cards of top stars and prospects such as Jay Bruce, Adrian Peterson and Alex Rodriguez. These purchases are "virtual" and are analogous to buying/selling shares on a stock exchange.

We work directly with Major League Baseball ( and also organize autograph signings with professional athletes.

For more information on SportsBuy visit our website at 

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Image4.jpg (6385 bytes) Today’s Racing Digest, Inc.

Today's Racing Digest is an authoritative information source for all fans of thoroughbred horse racing. We offer in-depth information designed for all racegoers, from the veteran to the first timer.

We take a unique approach to both numbers and analysis, and the end result of our editorial staff's comments and personal touches is an invaluable handicapping tool. Our professional staff of writers, researchers and statisticians is dedicated to providing timely, useful, and easy to read information about horses running in across the country.

For more information, please visit their web site –

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VueTOO is a web 2.0 solutions provider and a web content publishing company.

SOLUTIONS: VueTOO solutions include VueTOO Unified Visual Content Manager and VueTOO Situation Server Manager.  These VueTOO solutions give users the power to blend any type of content from any location into a single or multiple views.  Solutions are provided both premise based and software as a service.

CONTENT PUBLISHING: In addition VueTOO produces publically accessible web content pages using the VueTOO platform under its Situation Page (tm) brand and other brands to provide a rich end user experience by combining relevant but technically disparate content into a common view.  VueTOO pages include news, weather, event oriented content, and combined video, RSS feeds, maps, images and a variety of other content.

For more information or to see VueTOO in action visit

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